Top 5 Areas to Buy a Commercial Plot in Lahore

Market is a place, which provides an opportunity for the exchange of goods and services between sellers and buyers. Sometimes, a market is highly organized, as sellers and buyers go to specific points to execute transactions. In most cases, markets are not highly organized, as sellers and buyers contact each other through brokers, agents and at times directly after seeing an advertisement. Therefore, to exchange goods and services, in between buyers and sellers, market plays a crucial role.

Nature of Real Estate market is different than other markers. Product differentiation in the property market is as per the end usage of land. It is sub divided in various types; depending on its functionality. More common types of real estate property market products are residential property and commercial property. 

Investment in any type of real estate is beneficial. Either you invest in residential or commercial, you will get a great return at the end. Past trends reveal that, generally there is a lot to gain by investing in real estate, however investment in commercial property can prove to be a real gold mine if one makes a wise decision at the time of investment. Although, the initial investment might sound a lot when investing in a commercial property but typically the return on investment is very high for commercial properties as well. In the longer run, if one wants to build on a commercial property, it also benefits in ways such as, stability of income by yielding rental income, more financial reward in shape of capital gain and the feature to partially own and partially sell the property if need be. In Punjab, Pakistan, Lahore is considered as a land of opportunities. It is a metropolitan city and a commercial hub of diverse activities. In Lahore, there are grand commercial plazas, super stores, shopping malls, beautiful hotels, gymnasiums, and sports clubs. Lahore is one of the best places to invest in a commercial property. Following five areas are in the top of the list to buy a commercial plot in Lahore. 

  • DHA Defence
  • Bahria Town
  • Dream  Gardens
  • Gulberg
  • ZAITOON – New Lahore City




Firstly, DHA is a profound place to buy a commercial plot in Lahore. DHA is a rapidly expanding residential society on a large area, so providing you different commercial opportunities from which you can easily choose the more suitable one. To buy a commercial plot here is a highly profitable investment. Either you buy a plot for your personal use or for rental income, it will give you return in best possible way. As plethora of options are available, you can choose according to the nature of your business. In this way you can easily find a commercial plot in which area you have to invest to get a return. If you desire to make a potential return, in a commercial property of DHA Lahore, it is important to know the nature of the business you are planning to start. Studies revealed that;

  • If the nature of your business is to sell tiles and furniture, you must buy your property in Phase 6 CCA 1, FF market, Phase 6 MB.
  • If you are going to start a Garment business, you can confidently buy your property in G and H block, Y block, Near Alfaat of Y block
  • If you have a plan to open a new restaurant than plots of 4 Marla and 7 Marla in H block market are best suitable option. For stores and bakery, G Block and Y Block main road commercials are recommended





Secondly, to buy a commercial plot in Bahria Town has historically proved to be a good investment decision for the investors. Zones of Bahria town are designed in a way that, all retail items of daily use have been provided to the door step. Management of Bahria provides commercial plots in a variety (variety in both location and area). Various businesses are flourishing on commercial plots of Bahria Town ranging from, but not limited to, furniture shops, jewelry shops to high profile garment shops, top notch retail brands to beautiful restaurants. Previous trends have shown that, without any doubt, you will have a good pay back of your investment if you back yourself to buy a commercial plot in Bahria Town Lahore.








Thirdly, Gulberg which is located in the heart of Lahore and is often said to be the central business district, provides a number of options for commercial property. To invest in Gulberg is one of the most rewarding investments in Lahore but the initial capital required is huge but so are the profits.







Fourthly, Dream Gardens in Lahore is offering best commercial plots for investment on an instalment plan. The payment structure by Dream Gardens allows the investors to buy a plot, just after depositing 30% of the total price. It is a good potential investment for a time horizon of about ten years.





New Lahore City

Fifthly, ZAITOON New Lahore City, which is an
ideally located society, providing high rate of return on investment in both residential and commercial plots offers commercial plots both on plan and with immediate possession. In NLC, returns are far better than other housing societies of Lahore since it is connected to five major roads of the area and major traffic flows from there making it a good place to buy commercial plots. Since its inception, the project has remained an investor favorite, as the property prices rose by approximately 400% in the last 6 to 8 years. High profile brands of Pakistan like; JS BANK, FRI CHICKS, Fine Mart, Pearl Mall etc. are already operating there. Moreover, plots are available in a great variety and affordable prices. In short, this is an ideal place to buy a commercial plots in Lahore if you are looking to make good money in a 4 to 6 year time horizon. 

To put in a nut shell, commercial plot investment is the best way to maximize your returns on real estate investment. One must find suitable and appropriate place before to invest in this sector. 


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