Tourism in Pakistan: Five Must Visit Places

The tourism industry has been one of the most rapidly expanding industries in modern business over the last two decades. Nowadays, people travel much more frequently than ever before. According to a report published by World Trade Organization (WTO, 2005), 338 million are people employed in the industry as a whole, 800 billion US dollars contributed to total revenue of tourism with an annual growth rate of 4.2%. Simply put, tourism has significant importance for the social, political, and economic prosperity of every country.

Can tourism be a ray of hope for Pakistan? Has this sector enough potential to contribute to feeble economy of Pakistan? Although the potential of the tourism sector, in Pakistan, has not been properly realized till now. It can be a key-source to generate decent revenues if serious and sincere efforts are made to make this sector better. Pakistan was recently ranked as the best holiday destination for 2020 by many leading forums who are well-reputed in grading tourism destinations. It was also declared the third-highest potential adventure destination in the world for 2020. In the past few decades, the country received an influx of travel vloggers, who showed the beauty of the country, especially the northern areas. The point is, Pakistan is not less than any other country when it comes to tourism’s potential. Either you are a native (Pakistani) or a foreigner, you must visit these places in Pakistan.

Lake Saif-ul-Malook
Lake Saif-ul-Malook ranked by The Guardian as the fifth best tourist destination in Pakistan. It is one of the highest lakes in Pakistan. It seems like heaven on earth. The greenish-blue crystal clear and freezing water, surrounded by giant glaciers, including Malika Parbat, reflects the beauty of Saif-ul-Malook. It is located at the northern end of the Kaghan Valley, near the town of Naran. The lake is kind of a bowl where multiple glacial waters accumulate. To cut short, it will one of the finest tourist destinations in Pakistan that must be visited by every tourist.

Neelum Valley
Neelum Valley is Pakistan’s blue gem. It is named after the river which has curves like snake and has blue color. It is one of the most beautiful valleys of Azad Kashmir. It is a hub of freshwater streams, forests, lush green mountains, and a river. It is also called as the “Paradise of Kashmir.” From lush green meadows to beautiful snowy mountains and flowing rivers, Neelum Valley truly has more natural beauty than in many other areas of Pakistan. Everyone who appreciates nature must visit it at least once.

Ansoo Lake
There is a famous saying that seeing Ansoo Lake is not so common. Only lucky ones happen to see this lake. It is a tear-shaped lake located in Kaghan Valley in Mansehra District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa the province of Pakistan. It has an elevation of 4,245 metres above sea level and considered one of the highest lakes of the Himalaya Range. If you see Ansoo Lake from a distant place it appears as a droplet of the tear. From the time it was discovered, it has been the favorite place of tourists from all over the world. A takeaway for you is to visit this lake from July to August (each year) as in the remaining months of the year it remains covered with snow.

Malam Jabba
Malam Jabba is home to one of the two ski resorts in Pakistan; the other is at Naltar, Gilgit Baltistan. This place has enriched with two 800 meter ski runs, 4 chairlifts, 60 room five-star hotel, 25 room three-star hotel, ice skating rink (under construction), Zip-lining, stellar sceneries, and many more. People from Pakistan as well as from abroad can really enjoy the activities here.

Chotok Waterfall
It is rightly said that Chotok Waterfall is a paradise hidden in Balochistan. Although the path to Chotok Waterfall is daunting and difficult to travel, seeing natural beauty, travellers immediately forget it. The area is not only beautiful but attractive waterfalls are chanting and singing all the time. The area has become a beautiful and well-known picnic point for tourists. Water is constantly coming down from the height of the waterfall. In short, if one will ask about paradise in Balochistan, Chotok Waterfall will be the name.


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