Trendy Options for Your Home’s Exterior

Trendy options for your home’s exterior

A home’s first expression is its exterior, therefore, it must be aesthetically designed, well maintained and appealing. Houses whose exteriors are tastefully designed to leave a long-lasting impact on a viewer’s mind. If you are planning to construct your house anytime soon, make sure its exterior is well designed and flawlessly executed. 

The first impression is the last impression!

There are many trendy, expensive as well as inexpensive options available to choose from, that make the outer part of your home look amazing. For example, the use of stone/bricks and metal siding is included in the expensive option. This style is mainly used for a modern home. While the use of paint, plantation, lightning etc. are inexpensive ways to decorate the exterior of your home. 


  • Lighting – most inexpensive and quickest way:


Exterior lighting is the cheapest and quickest way to make a home’s exterior beautiful which most homeowners can afford. It provides a relaxing ambience and gives an illuminated look. Use different types of light to make your home’s outer-look more illuminated. Solar lights are a good option since they also help you cut down on your electricity bill. There are many useful lighting ideas, you just need to find the right one that will be suitable for your exterior.


  • Plantation – add beauty & comfort:


Plantation plays a crucial role to make the environment green. It purifies the air, while brings natural beauty to your living space. It also gives a delightful look to a home’s exterior. Therefore, decorating a home’s exterior by Plantation is very important yet healthy. One important thing to note here is that plantation requires a lot of effort to maintain but then it is extremely budget and pocket friendly. You may hang little pots of plants at your balconies. Simply speaking, with plantation, the exterior of your home will bloom in no time. So you must add some fresh greenery and flowers for more diversity.


  • Bricks exterior – acceptable option:


Brick finish homes are considered to be favorable because of two reasons. Firstly, Bricks exterior gives unique outlook. Secondly, it is easier to maintain (as no need for maintenance cost of paint and touch ups). Additionally, bricks exterior will also maintain temperature of your home during both summer and winter. Their rough but classic finish increases the value of your home. Fortunately, you have plenty of available options. For Example, you may choose simple red bricks. You may also choose rough tiles and, you have many other options. You must keep in mind that, it is an expensive choice but at the same time it is durable option. 


  • Paint – to make exterior more appealing:


To make a home unique and attractive, paint matters a lot. To begin with, it is the cheapest way. Secondly, it increases home value. For instance, in 2015, a study revealed that exterior paint can boost home value by 2-3%.  Just one fresh coat of paint can totally make the house attractive again. Bright color paints give fresh appearance. Exterior paint should be different than the paint color of the interior, because the exterior of your home is continuously exposed to the harsh climates such as heavy rains, hot sunshine etc. Number of paints are available which give more protection and strength.  You can choose whatever suits you best. 


  • Consider your Budget:


Undoubtedly, everyone wishes to make his home’s exterior more appealing and beautiful. Fact is that, the more you think about exterior’s beauty, more will be the cost. Keep in mind that, unlimited wants must be made subservient to limitations in budget. Before making the final decision, take your time and prioritize and ask for any discounts or promos that might be running, and make multiple trips to the stores. Finally, decide how much you can actually afford and what you like in that budget.  


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