Vision, Foresight and Determination

The vision of delivering as promised is the bedrock of ZAITOON’s existence on which the group laid it’s foundations when they started off in the real estate sector. Like now, even back then customer needs were the focal point on which they laid their eyes.

Realizing needs of residents, having the ambition to play their part in bridging the gap between short supply and excess demand of housing in Lahore and taking it upon themselves to come up with a housing society that will challenge stereotypes and provide quality living at affordable prices,  ZAITOON – New Lahore City was launched. ZAITOON – New Lahore city reflects a comprehensive lifestyle for all those who prefer to live with style and comfort.

All basic amenities and luxuries have been provided to the residents as per the vision of Zaitoon. Delivery was done well before the committed time. Open door policy is followed by the management to facilitate as many customers as possible to whatever extent is possible.

This has finally paid off when within an extremely short span of time, ZAITOON is considered among the most prestigious names in real estate sector of Pakistan and New Lahore City is categorized as one of the best housing societies in the country.

Innovation with purpose:

Just a simple glance at the organization’s working gives one a fair idea that they are striving hard to move towards innovation in land development & objective growth through technological advancement. They offer a dynamic environment where new ideas, researches, developments, entrepreneurship, creative thinking, architectural assessment and uniqueness, all collaboratively to bring the organization where it is right now.


They envision to become a premier real estate organization of Pakistan. They aim to provide world-class lifestyle coupled with state-of-the-art amenities while accommodating people from all walks of life.


To establish modern real estate projects with innovative concepts and latest technologies. Focus is always on customer satisfaction, and the goal is to provide efficient services by ensuring timely delivery of projects. We develop gated communities & high-rise smart buildings with features including live, work, shop and play, making them the most sought-after places to enjoy life.

Meet the brains behind

  • A message from the CEO

“If there is one word that defines ZAITOON, it is community. As a company, we are dedicated to our primary goal – to create integrated lifestyle communities and serve as a strategic partner in the socio-economic growth of Pakistan.”

  • Chairman’s thoughts

“At ZAITOON, we understand that to grow as an organization we must ensure that the community we serve in, also grows and prospers with us. Our focus, therefore, is not merely on brick-and-mortar developments, but in creating high-growth lifestyle environments that create new jobs and support ancillary industries.”

Our Projects:

With many state-of-the-art projects by ZAITOON defining the skyline of Lahore, to name a few;

Delivered Projects:

  • New Lahore City
  • Japan Centre
  • Lucky Centre
  • Landmark Plaza
  • Centre Point Plaza

Upcoming Projects

  • Stay tuned for exciting upcoming projects

Latest Projects

  • New Lahore City

Years of experience has shown that the projects that ZAITOON has undertaken have been delivered on time and the people who put their trust in them by investing in them have reaped good fruit.



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