Why investments are rising up?

Zaitoon – New Lahore City is one of the many ventures of Zaitoon group and is a sign of the group’s competency, credibility and the quality. This project has managed to rising up the confidence of investments since its inception. New Lahore City has remained on an upward trajectory since 2011, revealed by a report. Investors got significant benefit on all type of investment since its inception to now.

Stellar increment in property prices, cementing the investor confidence to invest more. Property Prices at New Lahore City has risen up to 400% and average plot prices of 500 and 250 yards plots were up by 8% in Lahore.

Having prime location, located on Canal Road, this residential project is among one of the fastest developing communities with beautiful designed Zaitoon Heights and Zaitoon Villas. New Lahore City is the only residential society having direct access to five major roads. Ring Road interchange is less than one km away from the main gate of NLC on Canal Road; linking the lifestyle community directly with all the main junctions of the city. Prices of housing projects rose up to mentioned level by the proximity to Lahore Ring Road.

New Lahore City attracted investors from Lahore and also from outside of Lahore because of its rich artistic architecture designs, beautiful gardens while maintaining health, beauty and convenience. By merely focusing on brick and mortar, it’s invoking a sense of community and belonging.


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