Your Safety is Our Priority New Lahore City

With the recent law and order situation in the whole country, the demand for walled, gated and secured housing projects has seen a 20% rise in the last two years. According to statistics, the price of housing units (houses, plots, apartments etc.) has seen an unprecedented 120% increase during the same time period due to safety concerns.

Seeing this Zaitoon’s management attaches utmost importance to the provision of fool-proof security for its residents in New Lahore City. Zaitoon – New Lahore city has its own internal security system with well-trained staff and purpose-specific vehicles. A fool-proof security arrangement (bolstered by state-of-the-art equipment and trained personnel) is available 24/7. There is a 24/7 operational security control room which ensures security personnel being just a phone call away from all residents.

Safety is one of the unique features that Zaitoon New Lahore City offers since not a lot of housing societies can boast having this on offer for the residents. Since Zaitoon attaches great value to its customer satisfaction hence as per their promise the residents are secured in the society. As per their recent plans for development, they have high-grade plans to raise the bar even further and provide even better security in future. So, with the ring road completion date being around the corner and the society taking its level up, Zaitoon New Lahore City is definitely the place to watch out for the future.

As per their plans, the following will be added to the armour under strict monitoring by a team of highly trained professionals;

  • Road blocker
  • Access control systems
  • Security alarms
  • Fire protection system, &
  • Special security cameras Etc.

With this addition, Zaitoon New Lahore City will be way above any other housing project claiming to have a well-guarded society since they will be redefining fool-proof security as far as resident security is concerned. It’s their top most priority to provide a secure environment for the families residing and visiting there. So with unprecedented amenities and its sophisticated style, Zaitoon – New Lahore City is full filling its promise to provide a secure and safe living environment.



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