“There is no power on earth that can undo Pakistan”.

These were the words of one of the greatest leaders and democrats the world has ever seen, Mohammad Ali Jinnah. Yet after 75 years, despite this country having immense turmoil and frequent chaos, it is a testament to its resilient people that it is still standing strong, as predicted by Jinnah.

To pay its tribute to all our heroes who sacrificed everything for this Great Nation, on the historic day of the 14th of August this year, Zaitoon joined the Nation to celebrate the Independence Day of the country with fervor and dignity. The Day commenced with the offering of special “Dua’” for the integrity and prosperity of the country at Zaitoon offices. Raza Khan (COO), Asim Amjad (GM Human Resources), Asghar Waseem (GM Sales & Marketing) and Mr. Muhammad Ali (IT Head) along with other senior officials joined the Zaitoon employees to commemorate this historic day and pay homage to those who fought and bleed for our freedom.
To mark this auspicious occasion, a Flag Hoisting Ceremony and an Independence Walk were also held at the corporate office of Zaitoon, where it was pledged that at Zaitoon we will leave no stone unturned to scale new heights and take Pakistan beyond excellence in the days ahead. Zaitoon employees vowed that they will keep the momentum of building a great future for our generations and make Pakistan a great nation.