Zaitoon Champion League

Zaitoon’s love for cricket is matchless. Zaitoon’s management always tries its best to provide an environment where employees can come and play on weekends along with doing their routine work tasks during the week. For that matter, Zaitoon laid down the foundation of its own cricket stadium a few months ago which is now is now ready to host cricketers to come, play, and give their best performances. Zaitoon is ready to organize its first ever tournament named as Zaitoon champion league.

In this tournament, six teams are participating which include Zaitoon Rangers, Zaitoon Challengers, Zaitoon Warriors, Zaitoon Daredevils, Zaitoon Strikers, and Zaitoon Gladiators. The following are terms and conditions of the tournament:

  • Every match will be of 06 overs for each side
  • Only 01 bowler can bowl maximum 02 overs. i.e. over limit/s will be as 2+1+1+1+1
  • First two (02) will be treated as mandatory power play for each inning, i.e. 2 fielders will be allowed to field outside 30 yard circle
  • After power play, up to 05 fielders will be allowed to field outside 30 yard circle
  • Batters and Bowlers will only use Company provided Cricket Bats and Balls
  • Extras i.e. No Ball, wide ball, leg bye, bye and Free hit will be treated as per international standards
  • Captains of playing teams, will hand over the final playing 11 to umpire before toss of every match
  • No compensation for any reason will be given for late arrival of any team. Walk over will be given to the other team which will be considered as WIN
  • Every player of each team will play at least 2 pool matches
  • On compliance of point#09, 02 Bonus points will be given to each team at the end of pool matches
  • 02 bonus points will be given to each team on fair play basis. I.e. Encouragement, No sledging, No unnecessary arguments with Umpires etc. Umpire will evaluate and give feedback on it to Operations Committee
  • There will be no Super over for pool matches except semifinals and final
  • Top four (04) teams on table after completion of pool matches will qualify for Semi Finals
  • Net run rate will be considered in case of equal/same points of teams for qualifying in Semi finals
  • There are possibilities of human error and judgment, hence umpires / operations committee decisions
  • Sledging are not allowed at all level. Captains of each team will be given briefing on it by the Operations committee / Umpires. This will impact on Fair play bonus points
  • However appreciation/encouragement for good play will be appreciated


  • Asim Amjad
  • Maaz Mansoor
  • Adeel Aman
  • Sajjad Safdar
  • Col. Azhar Amin
  • Faraz Qayyum

So, guys, save the dates for the fixtures and get ready to support your team for their matches. Good luck to all contesting teams.


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