Zaitoon Champions League – A Tournament to Remember Forever

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Pakistanis do not only like cricket, in fact, they love it. For them, cricket is more than a game. Their passion for cricket is matchless. Simply speaking, cricket is where hearts of many Pakistanis are. Knowing the love for cricket that Pakistanis’ have has no limits, Zaitoon always tries its best to facilitate its customers, residents, dealers, and employees, so that, they can come, play, cherish, and enjoy the game. In this backdrop, Zaitoon organized ZAITOON CHAMPIONS LEAGUE cricket tournament for Zaitoon Employees. This was a first of its kind cricket tournament in the real estate sector of Pakistan. However, only participating in leagues could not satisfy Zaitoon’s management, as it always tries to go the extra mile; either it comes to facilitate residents or employees.

For that matter, Zaitoon management laid down its own state of the art cricket stadium named Zaitoon Premier Oval located in Premier Enclave, New Lahore City. The tournament served many purposes in addition to a great team building and healthy physical activity, it also united the employees, REC market and residents. Six teams took part in this league.

  • Zaitoon Strikers
  • Zaitoon Rangers
  • Zaitoon Gladiators
  • Zaitoon Warriors
  • Zaitoon Daredevils
  • Zaitoon Challengers

The tournament was full of sensational performances from all competing sides, finally, two best teams managed to qualify for the final. Qualified teams were Zaitoon Gladiators which remained un-beaten throughout the tournament versus Zaitoon Daredevils. The final was played on 14th December, 2021 (Tuesday) at 1 pm and it was a must-watch match.

Zaitoon Gladiators won the toss and decided to bowl first. Zaitoon Daredevils came to bat and they made forty-six runs in first two overs only – without losing any wicket. It was at that time that the crowd, which had turned out in large numbers, thought that the Zaitoon Daredevils will run away with the game. Cricket is such an unpredictable game which truly was depicted in the match, Zaitoon Gladiators from there on pulled the match back and tilted the odds in their favor. At the end of the first innings the match looked in favor of Zaitoon Gladiators. As a true final match should have it, the drama continued and the Zaitoon Daredevils as soon as they came out to bowl, tightened the grip on the match and bowled exceptionally well taking wickets at regular intervals and ultimately claiming the title. Zaitoon Daredevils truly clinched victory from the hands of Zaitoon Gladiators.

Muhammad Sajjad from Zaitoon Gladiator in his first over took three wickets and gave away nine runs only. His over again changed audience’s that Daredevils still had high hopes. By exceptional fielding, perfect bowling, and yes, due to lot of spirit, Daredevil bowlers broke the batting line of Gladiators in first three overs. Gladiators’ batsmen were only coming in and going out. All team was out in the first ball of fifth over.

After a thrilling match, celebrations began at the end of Zaitoon Daredevils. They were dancing, clapping, and appreciating each other. Sajjad Safdar Bhatti – Captain of Zaitoon Daredevils who was also declared as man of the match – viewed that this is the blessing of Allah (SWT) and due to team efforts that Zaitoon Daredevils led to victory. Mr. Asim – Captain of Zaitoon Gladiators; General Manager of Human Resource Department at Zaitoon who also played a vital role while organizing this tournament, opined that there were some mistakes from their end, so could not make claim the championship, however, they showed courage to work hard and be better in pressure matches from the next tournament. Yet, he was quite happy as Zaitoon Gladiators were declared the Runner-Ups of the tournament.

Brigadier Ahid Muzaffar Shah, Administrator Zaitoon New Lahore City, was also present and distributed shields among best performers along with sharing his views. He said that sports play a significant role for team making and overall grooming of employees. He also ventured that such kind of activities would further be accelerated and management of Zaitoon would provide its full support to keep continuing these kind of healthy activities. He handed over award to the player of the tournament who was none other than Arafat Akbar from Zaitoon Gladiators, Best bowler of the tournament was Adeel Aman from Zaitoon Strikers, and best batter of the tournament was Muhammad Umer from Zaitoon Rangers.

Maaz Mansoor – captain of Zaitoon strikers; who is head of Digital Marketing Department and also the man who did not only germinate the idea to promote sportsmanship in Zaitoon along with routine tasks but also was instrumental in materializing the whole concept in the form of organizing a successful championship – closed the ceremony. He viewed that this championship was the first step in the right direction, and many more sports activities would be arranged with the support of Zaitoon’s management for RECs, employees and residents. Everyone present appreciated his exceptional efforts to get things done in an awesome manner. In addition to this great round of applause for people who worked day and night to make it happen, a few names to mention here are Mirza Kashaan Baig, Muhammad Hassan, Adeel Aman and Arafat Akbar.
Thank you Zaitoon.


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