Zaitoon City Property Dealers Lunch in Zaitoon Corporate Centre

A real estate consultant a.k.a. property dealer is an integral stakeholder in the real estate market. He can help you achieve your desired return on your investment by advising you about the property market as a whole. He acts as a market reporter providing expert advice based on experience. In short, affiliation with an experienced real estate agent is desirable to crack a cost-effective deal in the real estate market if you are new in investing in real estate.
ZAITOON believes that all stakeholders play a different yet important role in the potential growth of any organization. Hence, it believes in taking all stakeholders on-board while advancing towards their goal. In order to keep up with the goals the management of Zaitoon keeps arranging back-to-back events to support all stakeholders. Customers, for instance, are facilitated by ensuring on-time delivery of plots, provision of facilities, and regular organization of fun-filled activities i.e. lucky draws. Similarly, Employees are encouraged by performance based monthly awards, and the list goes on.


ZAITOON arranged a lavish lunch in ZAITOON Corporate Centre for real estate consultants in order to brief them about their upcoming mega project i.e. Zaitoon City. Attendees of the event included leading dealers from all over Lahore. All dealers currently affiliated and applying for authorized dealership of this iconic housing project a.k.a. ZAITOON City were the guests of honor of this event. The event was specially organized to inform real estate consultants about past accomplishments of ZAITOON, current vision and future goals regarding Zaitoon City. The map of ZAITOON City was shown and prices of plots were discussed with them. ZAITOON opines that, if you want to guide well, you must be informed well. So, the ultimate goal was to inform dealers about all things today, so they can guide better to customers tomorrow. Real estate consultants not only appreciated this step, but also were very excited to guide customers in a better and transparent way.

ZAITOON’s efforts will be written on a paper of silver with the ink of gold. Well Done!!



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