Zaitoon Corporate Office – New Lahore City Main Boulevard

Corporate Office

The modernized and advanced Corporate Office of Zaitoon located in New Lahore City. Like every walk of life, corruption, wrongdoing, broken promises, misled consumers, are very much a reality in the real estate sector of Pakistan as well. There have been many housing projects/schemes that were launched without any approval from the relevant authorities. Consequently, end consumers were on the losing end. It was relatively late that the competent authorities tried to put a leash on the exploitation of the consumers that was being done at the hands of the landowners. To an extent, at times land which was sold did not even exist and even if it did the seller had no legal right to sell it.

Even in housing projects which had all approvals, the consumers were exploited to an extent that the management treated them nicely at the time of selling units but once the units were sold, the management would disappear and the consumers were left at the hands of the employees who mostly had no decision making power. So, at the site there were only selected employees available and no one else to address consumer concerns. In a nutshell, dealing was done at a fancy place in the city with a promise of delivering units at another location which did not make much sense. This added to doubts in consumer’s minds which had deposited their hard-earned money to the developer in search of their own home.

ZAITOON was quick to realize this lose end for the clients and made sure that the consumer doubts were addressed not verbally alone, but by action. With this backdrop, ZAITOON Corporate Office on New Lahore City main-boulevard was launched. This helped put customer doubts to rest by showing to the customers that ZAITOON was there to stay and deliver to each and every customer that they have made promises to. The beautiful corporate office building is there for everyone to see for themselves the level of belief and sincerity that the management has towards the project. Everyday hundreds of new and existing customers visit the office to interact with ZAITOON.

The CEOs and managing director also use the same office. It is not common in real estate market of Pakistan that you see every-day, the management sitting themselves at the site and ensuring quality work is delivered to the customers. ZAITOON believes that customer satisfaction doesn’t just impact the business’ bottom line, it also impacts team morale and retention rate. Purpose-built and appropriately departmentalized corporate office has made interaction extremely convenient and pleasant between the developer and the clients. Customer trust has been added by this operational efficiency. Commitment, perseverance, deliverance, and fulfilment of promise, by proving all of these, ZAITOON New Lahore City has become one of the best and most potential housing societies, in the list of, legally approved housing societies in Lahore. ZAITOON Corporate office is operational from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. every-day from Monday to Friday and from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Saturday. The sales department is also operational on Sundays.

Corporate office houses the following features, to name a few;

  • Administration Office
  • Conference Rooms
  • Marketing department
  • Planning Department
  • Sales department
  • Customer care department
  • Design and architecture department
  • Land department
  • Audit department
  • Finance department
  • Information Technology department
  • Engineering department
  • HR department
  • Procurement department
  • Quantity surveying department
  • Cafeteria (Kitchen)
  • Electrification department

In addition to these departments, the top floor is dedicated to management offices. People invest in real estate to protect them from future financial fluctuations. So, customer trust is the base of every transaction made. ZAITOON is proud of the trust that they have instilled over the years in the minds of the customers by fulfilling all their promises. First they did it by delivering plots before time to the consumers, then by being the only housing society in the history of Pakistan to do 100 pre-allocation for all customers since the beginning now they have led the way by being ever present at the site where they are delivering quality development to their valuable customers. Way to go ZAITOON.


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