The availability and quality of information – from prices to ownership builds trust, and makes customers feel that they’re investing at the right place. To fulfil this role and operate efficiently, ZAITOON New Lahore City is only residential society which provides high levels of transparency, easily accessible market information; clear and fair practices; and high professional standards. Doing pre-allocation even before time, is clearly depicting the efforts ZAITOON has made to ensure timely delivery. Allotting plot numbers to 100% customers since the beginning of the company, in such a short time span, is something no housing society has been able to boast of in the history of Pakistan.

ZAITOON New Lahore City is one of the few sizeable housing societies in the city which can boast of having complete legal cover from all government authorities. Investment in this scheme is 100% secure and has proved profitable for all investors. Specially, after 100% pre-allocation has been done for all customer base of New Lahore City since its beginning. This is an exhilarating news for all those file owners, who had paid their installments on time. This good news regarding pre-allocation is surely going to positively impact plot prices in the society, investors will also rush in order to gain maximum profit. Buying a plot in New Lahore City has proved to be a life altering decisions of their life.

For ZAITOON being transparent with the customers is important for so many reasons. It helps establish trust, so the earlier you are clear with your client, the better. It also helps set standards which eliminates the potential for misunderstanding and also alleviates the pain of going through such an intense process as selling or buying a home. The policy of New Lahore City is simple, if you are a compliant customer in terms of payments, then you not only get your plot but you get it before time.

By providing all this, ZAITOON New Lahore City allows businesses and investors to make decisions with confidence, while providing long-term benefits and to avoid any possible losses. Finally, pre-allocation on the committed date establishes a sense of security for the customers that “ZAITOON CARES” in its’s true sense.


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