Zaitoon New Lahore City BUMPER LUCKY DRAW

How does happiness come? True happiness comes from within. It comes from making wise choices, including choosing to be happy. When your external situation is going well, it might make it easier for you to choose happiness, but it is not the cause of it. You can be happy even when things around you are nothing like you would like them to be. Really? Is it possible to be happy even in difficult circumstances? How is it possible to stay happy even in the timeframe of COVID-19? For you, it may not be a possibility, but for ZAITOON nothing is impossible. ZAITOON believes that to make someone happy in difficult times is a real game, and ZAITOON knows it very well. Zaitoon introduced and flawlessly organized a BUMPER LUCKY DRAW!

Right after the outbreak of COVID-19, ZAITOON committed itself to make its valuable customers excited from the comfort of their homes. Having this innovative mindset, back-to-back events (many lucky draws on different themes) have been organized by ZAITOON. Now the time was right for a Bumper Lucky Draw. In one lucky-draw, five HONDA CD 70 DREAM BIKES will be awarded. In previous lucky draws, a lot of people were questioning (by commenting on live streaming on media portals of ZAITOON) that how to participate? Here is the procedure and requirements to participate in BUMPER LUCKY DRAW;

  • Offer validity: 1st – 31st AUGUST, 2020
  • Entry on every PKR 50,000/ – installment
  • You can deposit above-mentioned installment in the form of plot installment, possession charges, maintenance charges, and/or development charges
  • The lucky draw will be organized on 4th September 2020


The procedure of this lucky draw is simple and transparent. For instance, when you submit your installment (under any of the above-mentioned heads), a coupon is provided to you bearing a unique number. One copy of the lucky draw coupon is given to you for reference and the other reference copy is put in the box containing all filled coupons. For the whole validity of the campaign duration, all customers getting the coupon are added in the list. Once the validity is over, on the prescribed date the lucky draw is held on live Facebook sessions for everyone to see (you can stream the live session on Zaitoon and New Lahore City Facebook pages). You can join the session using either of the following links;

Fortunately, in Pakistan, COVID1-19 is under control now with less number of reported cases since last month. Hope so, a day will come very soon when not even a single patient will be reported across the world. This day is near, and till this day comes, thank you ZAITOON for your support to make people happy by organizing such innovative and fun filled events.
Folks hurry up! Pay up and be a part of the bumper lucky draw and stream our session live on Friday, September 4, 2020.


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