ZAITOON New Lahore City – Your Dream Place to Live

A residential area is a piece of land with Residential areas and housing. Most of the population of any country lives in a residential area. A person is likely to spend life savings in acquiring a house in a good residential community, with plenty of barren land to spare, the government of Pakistan has failed to fill the ever-increasing demand of housing around the country. As per statistics, there is a shortage of 10 million housing units with an annual increase of 0.6 million housing units annually. Due to haphazard policy-making, unutilized land holding, and absence of future vision; all efforts by current and past governments have failed. New Lahore City is one of the most advanced residential housing scheme in Lahore.

When it comes to Lahore, the city has expanded to almost double its size in the last 14 years. In 2013, Lahore’s population was just under 6.5 million, but as per the population census 2017; it reached to 11.13 million with a growth rate of 2% per annum. Population growth leads to an increase in demand for housing. Therefore, Lahore is facing a housing shortage of well over 0.1 million units a year.

Past Efforts of Government Sector

It is pertinent to note that, government sector has failed to deliver the housing units as per demand in Lahore, Real Estate Development projects and private housing schemes are trying to fulfill the demand-supply gap. For instance, there are around two hundred and forty (240) private housing schemes in Lahore and its vicinity. Among these schemes, only a handful are LDA approved and many developers are selling out the plots with no legal bindings or paperwork. In the real estate market, only those developers would be considered top notch, who have legally approved land, deliver on time to customers, and extend pre and post sales care to their buyers.

One of the best real estate project groups, ZAITOON – New Lahore City is in the list of first-class housing societies. ZAITOON have not only delivered what they promised but they have exceeded customer expectations. They have challenging the stereotypes of deceit, fraud and over-selling in the property market and have conveyed a positive image in the real estate market.

New Lahore City – First Class Housing Society

ZAITOON – New Lahore City has not limited itself just to sell a plot, but also support their customers in steps of property acquisition and ownership. If you have decided to invest, customers care department, and sales department of ZAITOON extend their services professionally. You have to visit the corporate office in the site office located at Main Boulevard, New Lahore City, Canal Bank Road Lahore, Pakistan, New Lahore city Representatives can serve you. Sales team shows area of map, location of plots, land availability status, plot sizes, sale prices, and detailed payment plan including down payment, monthly installments, and Bi-Annual Payments options.

Eat, Play and Shop

Additionally, the management of ZAITOON has been providing every civic amenity of the society. So, if you are a customer of New Lahore City then all required amenities will be provided to you as promised. New Lahore City treats their customers alike and provides all what is promised. Let us quickly go through the developed infrastructure of NLC:

  • Excellent carpeted road networks
  • Underground utilities
  • Foolproof security
  • Project boundary wall
  • Jamia masjid
  • Underground utilities
  • ZAITOON Clubhouse & Hotel
  • shopping mall
  • recreational facilities
  • emergency services
  • JS – Bank
  • Modern sewage and disposal systems
  • Graveyard
  • Fool-proof security arrangement (bolstered by state-of-the-art equipment and trained personnel)
  • International standard school- Cornerstone School (a project of the University of the Lahore)
  • International standard hospital
  • Well planned commercial areas
  • Well-developed parks and kids play areas


Moreover, in present times, many people over there demand comfort with luxury. For all those who have grown to appreciate finer things in life, ZAITOON is a masterpiece project designed to deliver luxurious lifestyle to its residents. With an aim to set a standard for elite class of Lahore. To live, play, work and shop ZAITOON Villas conceived and constructed by ZAITOON. These Villas present a vibrant community atmosphere, bustling with versatile facilities and safe and natural environment. Living in these beautiful Villas can help you manage stress and reduce depression.

Healthy Lifestyle at New Lahore City

Understanding basic human needs. ZAITOON – New Lahore City has provided a healthy living life style with every basic amenity, within a stone’s throw. ZAITOON NLC features expanses green spaces such as domestic gardens, playgrounds and parks. These green vistas keep you closer to the nature. ZAITOON has put special emphasis on the community being a pleasant one for the families hence, more than 55% of the land has been allocated to lifestyle facilities.


In Addition, New Lahore City has very wide carpeted road network, with pedestrian walkways. It has provided 150-feet wide Main Boulevard running through the heart of society along with a beautiful entrance gate. Utilities for a residential area include electricity, gas, water, sewerage, Internet, telephone, cable TV, security systems and garbage collection are also provided.

New City Lahore is providing the most feasible opportunity for all to live, enjoy, and make every moment of life more beautiful. Whenever someone demands for convenience and comfort, New Lahore City proves extra-ordinary by all means.


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