Zaitoon New Year Carnival

Advance Happy New Year Everyone! Different countries celebrate New Year differently. Some go for impressive firework displays. While others arrange local festivals and traditions. However, Zaitoon has its own class, style, and uniqueness to celebrate everything. How is Zaitoon going to celebrate New Year? What is the uniqueness? What is in Zaitoon’s mind to celebrate New Year? Among other reasons, the main purpose to celebrate New Year from Zaitoon’s end is to bring smiles on the faces of all Pakistanis – especially Lahoris – through mega celebrations, so everyone can forget sorrows and depressions of past year 2021 and make a kick-start of coming year; 2022.

This time, Zaitoon’s way of celebrating New Year will be very special as top-notch-cum-proficient personalities will come for live performance along with plethora of other arrangements. Getting exciting? Guess, who are coming? Any idea? Ladies and Gentlemen, this time the ever loved Ali Azmat, Hip Hop Sensation Imran Khan, the Bhangra Best NS Chauhan and youngster favorite Young Stunners will be there for you to perform live. The event is hosted by our very own Ahsan Khan and Natasha Hussain. The duo has a huge fan following and massive experience to make the event the biggest hit of the year. Young stunners are a Pakistani rap/hip-hop duo consisting of Talha Anjum and Talhah Yunus at the vocals. They rose to fame as rappers on YouTube after releasing their first song “Burger-e-Karachi”

Fun does not end here. Do you want to know who are hosting this event? Your favourite and very special personalities – who are well known for their exceptional acting and awesome event management – will be there to host the event. All incomers need no introduction as their names speak volumes about their grace, level, and recognition. In short, this event will definitely instill a ray of spirit, joy, and enthusiasm in souls of incomers and will make New Year night more memorable and interesting. After you have enjoyed the musical performances, at the turn of the year i.e. 12 midnight Zaitoon New Lahore City will put if an impressive fireworks show, the sort that has never been heard or seen before in Lahore. They will literally light up the night sky.

Join us for the amazing Zaitoon New Year Carnival at Zaitoon New Lahore City. The event will be held at Pearl Roundabout New Lahore City Phase II from 3:00 p.m. till 12 mid-night on 31st December, 2021 (Friday). May thge New Year comes with new adventures, accomplishments, and learnings! May your New Year bring you reasons to smile! May the New Year bring you more love, happiness, and blessings. Stay blessed everyone!
So, DO NOT MISS IT. Be a part of the event that will Rock Lahore on New Year’s Eve and set the bar high for family entertainment in Lahore.
On top of all, the event has FREE ENTRY FOR ALL. So hurry and check Zaitoon Facebook Pages and mark yourself for the event.


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