Building trust is not easy. It takes years to build, but seconds to break. Same goes for all businesses. Have you ever wondered that what is common in all well-known brands across the world? First and foremost is customer trust, customers have faith that every-time they make a purchase from the brand the quality and delivery will be as per expected. Have they earned this reputation overnight? Were they this way since the time of inception? The answer is No. They have worked hard to gain customer trust and be at this level. It has taken a lot of time, struggle, commitment, and promise fulfillment to be where they are.

When it comes to real estate market, the scene is much more difficult. Making a name requires consistence in efforts, customers’ satisfaction, on time possession, quality infrastructure development, and much more. As difficult as it may be, ZAITOON has made extraordinary progress in a short time and has gained customer trust. Throughout existence, ZAITOON’s management has left no stone unturned to satisfy customers. For instance, right after the outbreak of COVID-19, back to back lucky draws, summer surprises, and many other events have been organized just to spread smiles on the faces of customers in critical times. ZAITOON has always been the leader in the real estate market in setting new trends. This was evident from the recent campaign ZAITOON SUMMER SURPRISE that took place in the last quarter. In this campaign ZAITOON gave away a Toyota Altis 1.6 liters Automatic transmission and 5 Honda CG-125 self -tart dream motorbikes.

To encourage people to come back to normal life, ZAITOON has come up with another customer friendly lucky draw. This is in continuation to the successful lucky draws that have been going on since the last couple of months. Continuing the tradition of being the market leader in setting trends ZAITOON is going to Sialkot with its investment expert team on the 30th September, 2020 and 1st October, 2020. Sialkot gear up visit the Expo to get the best deals in town. The event will be held from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. both days. The event will be held in Hotel The Jeevan located on Kashmir Road, Sialkot. The highlight of the event is the special investment seminar on 30th September, 2020 6:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. by the well renounced Mr. Syed Haider Ali Zaidi (General Manager Sales, Marketing, Customer Care and Joint Ventures). He will explain the tricks of the trade in real estate and help the audience make an informed decision. An additional feature of the event is that people who make the purchase on this event get an exclusive chance to enter the lucky draw. In the lucky draw ZAITOON will give out One Honda Civic Prosmatec and five Honda CG-125 self-start dream bikes. The main purpose of this EXPO is to inform people about real estate market trends, fluctuation in prices, impacts of a pandemic on this market, where to invest, where not to invest, how to make a good deal, and many more.
ZAITOON Property Expo 2020 will bring many fruitful suggestions for those who have had decided to invest in real estate sector. Mark your calendar, and join us on 30th September to 1st October, you will surely like it!


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