As they say, land is a good business since we do not make it anymore. Real estate is a huge market big market and making a mark in this market is not easy. Any developer needs to ensure quality infrastructure, on-time delivery, reaching out to customers and consistent efforts for making a good name. History of real estate market in Pakistan is full of examples of good and bad developer experiences. Bad developer experience is a result of developers who limit themselves to just make money, instead of ensuring customers’ satisfaction, at times intentionally and at times unintentionally. Real estate market in Pakistan is a bitter sweet experience and to each one their own. There are many examples of those developers who are committed to deliver, satisfy the customers, and ensure good infrastructure.

Some important questions arise here: How to decide where to invest? What are the principles to differentiate between a good developer and a bad developer? How can you crack a profitable deal in this sector? Where to invest or where not invest? The answer to all these questions could be summed up in this sentence, “check the record: if the developer reaches out to the customers, a good infrastructure is developed, and current market value is good, then you can go ahead and chose the developer with confidence.”

When it comes to making an investment in ZAITOON – New Lahore City, the management has been committed to deliver the best quality products in the most-timely manner to its customers throughout their existence. On-time delivery is ensured, quality infrastructure has been provided, and all amenities of daily life are readily available. Everything has been provided to ensure the comfort of respected residents and valuable customers. Throughout the outbreak of COVID-19, back to back fun-filled activities have been arranged which are still continuing. After a successful track record of successful lucky draws, now this is the time to enjoy fall season. Once again, ZAITON comes up with a great offer by the name of ZAITOON’S FALL BLISS. What is the offer this time? ZAITOON’S FALL BLISS is an offer for New Lahore City members only. You can be a part of the offer by the following procedure:

  • On Every installment worth PKR 50,000/- you get a coupon. Fill out the coupon and be a part of the next upcoming lucky draw
  • The installments can be submitted under the heads of, plot installment, possession charges, construction charges, maintenance charges, and development charges

The process of this lucky will be very simple and transparent like all previous lucky draws. When you will submit your charges, one coupon number will be given to you, and another coupon bearing the same coupon number as on your coupon is entered in the luck-draw box. On 2nd October 2020, this lucky draw will take place. The ceremony will also be on-air through the official social media pages of ZAITOON. There will be 6 winners in one lucky draw. The prizes include two refrigerators (540 Liters (18 Cu.Ft)), two DC invertors Air Conditioners 1.5 ton, and two UHD LED TV 55”.
MEMBERS, what are you waiting for? Submit your dues, enter the lucky draw, and win big. Join us on the Facebook live session on 2nd October 2020. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!


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